Recently we have been learning about the different habitats. We looked at the Polar, Woodland, Urban, Rainforest, Ocean, Pond and Dessert habitats. We found out which animals lived in each and wrote this on our books. Then we used our knowledge to create our own habitats!

Well done Doves!



On Monday we had a badminton coach come in and teach us all about his sport. We did 3 different activities focusing on the skills we need to be a great badminton player. We practised bouncing a ball on the racket, throwing and catching the shuttlecock in a net and finally playing badminton! We had a lot of fun.

Christmas service

Our wonderful Christmas service is happening next Wednesday! Dove class is representing children from around the world. We would ask if you could send in your child this week with either traditional clothing from around the world or colourful clothing to represent the colours of the flags. Please bring this in a bag with your child’s name on it.

Once upon a time

Our new topic this term is ‘Once upon a time’ we will be using traditional tales within all areas of our learning. We celebrated our new topic by going on a hunt for some of the characters in these traditional tales and lots of other activities. We had a lot of fun!