Fun Outdoors!

We have had such great weather to really enjoy the outdoors. It has given us the great opportunity to learn and do new things. Felicity has been on lovely walks with her family. Look how close they were to those horses! Oliver has been minibeast hunting. He found this really interesting-looking beetle. Oliver researched the beetle and found out it is called a Cardinal Beetle! I wonder what minibeasts you all have hiding in your gardens?

Willow made some fantastic binoculars and a great mask to explore what was in her garden after reading the ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden’ book. Willow investigated her garden and wrote about how she found plants that twisted around each other, little balls of spider webs and a fairy! I couldn’t believe it but there it is in her tree! Do you think you might have fairies in your garden too?

Zach has been busy in his garden as well. He has created a brilliant minibeast from leaves and twigs he collected from his garden. I really like how he has used different shape leaves to make different parts of the insect – the big one looks like an insects shell. I also like the googly eyes. What minibeast do you think Zach has made? Do you think you could make your own minibeast with the things in your garden too?

Thank you to everyone for sharing their photos from the weekend. I hope you all enjoy reading/ seeing what everyone has been up to as much as me.

Wonderful Poems

You have created such fantastic poems! All of you should be very proud. Poems can be tricky to write but you have all done such a great job. Here are the poems written by Oliver, Annabelle H, Zach, Willow, Amy, Daria, Annabelle B-T and Milo. You can also watch a video of the poems being read on our Remote Learning page. Enjoy reading!OliverAnnabelleHZachWillowAmy2DariaAnnabelleBTMiloAllPics

VE Day

You have all celebrated VE Day in really lovely ways. I hope you have learnt more about the history behind this day. On VE Day, Willow wore a poppy, decorated Union Jack bunting and coloured a ‘Thank you’ poster. Isaac had a great day learning Morse Code, making pancakes and listening to war time stories from his Grandad. Isaac and his family spent the day in his garden that was decorated with beautiful bunting too. Here are some pictures of how they spent their day. I look forward to seeing how everyone else remembered VE Day.



Flower Investigations and More Portraits!

Wow! You are all fantastic investigators! I have been amazed at how well you have dissected a flower, researched its different parts and what they do and conducted the flower colour changing experiment. Here are some pictures of Amy, Ayaan, Daria, Evie, Oliver and Willow being great investigators. They all chose different flowers to dissect and conduct the colour changing experiment. I wonder how all of their flowers will look in a couple of days. If you haven’t already, try this investigation at home. It’s a lot of fun!


Sophie and Mason have also created beautiful fruit and vegetable portraits. I love how colourful they both are. They have both worked really hard on their portraits.  Look at Sophie’s amazing fruit and vegetable hair and the features on the face. It looks like it could be in a gallery! I love Mason’s broccoli hair and grape eyes too! They are fantastic!